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Energy Safe Victoria has identified that the emergency power supply (EPS) plug of the inverter is non-compliant with relevant AS/NZS regulations. Specifically, the EPS port plug can be removed without the use of a tool, possibly exposing consumers to live terminals with potential hazardous voltage.

Solution to existing customers (sold before 8 December 2023)

A voluntary recall action has been initiated in coordination with the ACCC regulator to provide on-site rectification for the affected inverters that were sold before December 8, 2023. This involves the installation of the ‘safety jacket’ on top of the EPS port to ensure the inverter’s compliance with regulations. There is no need to return the inverter, as the rectification will occur on-site. This service will be offered free of charge to all affected end users.

Additional Information:

Jinko Q&A:

Please also reference:—-suntank-hybrid-inverter-jks-5hlvs-abi

Before installation of the safety jacket:

Example of EPS port with current plug

After installation of the safety jacket:

Safety jacket (prior to installation)

EPS port with a safety jacket

Warning label affixed

Solution to new customers (sold after 8 December 2023)

All four existing nationwide distributors have received detailed instructions on the topic, and have been provided with the parts for inclusion prior to shipment. As a part of this process, it is now mandatory for supply of the installation ‘safety jacket’ package – comprising the necessary part and a quick installation guide – with every newly sold inverter. We have received written confirmation from all four distributors that all inverters sold after December 8, 2023, are equipped with the required package.

The safety jacket, along with the warning label, must be installed to ensure the maintenance of the inverter’s warranty and compliance.

Note: All CEC and local state listings countrywide remain unchanged.

JinkoSolar acknowledges that the risk associated with the EPS plug is limited. Despite this, JinkoSolar is proactive in addressing the situation and encourages all consumers using the SunTank JKS-5HLVS-ABI installed on or before December 8, 2023, to get in touch with JinkoSolar Australia via our dedicated support channel: or call 1300 326 182 (press 2 for after-sales services and technical enquiries for battery)